Agar & Fruit Jelly Shots Recipe

Agar and Fruit Jelly Shots Recipe. It’s mid year by and by and making jam pastries is simple, fun and cool, an ideal treat for children. A mouth-watering, fruity, and sound gelatin treats served in shot glasses. All we need is an Agar powder, blend with water and heat to the point of boiling and cooled in shot glasses, and after that, top with blended products of your decision and secured with clear organic product coat or brushed delicately with sugar syrup for a sparkly wrap up.

This dazzling shot glass sweets are quick and simple to get ready. Utilizing just a couple of fixings and a product of your decision, the conceivable outcomes are inestimable. Utilizing crisp natural products that are in season is an extraordinary decision for this sweet, however in case you’re on a spending like Me, a canned of organic product mixed drink will do

Agar & Fruit Jelly Shots Recipe


  • 1 can (432 g) Fruit Cocktail, depleted and saved juice
  • 1 medium Kiwi, stripped and cut
  • 1 pack (130 g) Agar Dessert Mix (Almond or Jasmin)
  • 3 cups of Water
  • You likewise Need:
  • 12 (3oz.) shot glasses or 16 (2oz.) shot glasses

Cooking Procedure:

Initially, we have to open a container of organic product mixed drink and channel it, saving the syrup for later use. Wash, stripped and cut kiwi in little cuts and put in a safe spot. Same with different organic products, cut them in little pieces and put in a safe spot.

agar and organic product jam shot prep1

In a pan, consolidate agar powder and water and blend well until powder is completely broken down. Bring to a full bubble and mix the blend continually. (Continuously read and adhere to bundle guidelines for best outcome.) Fire off, utilizing a spoon, skim off unmistakable air pockets on top or strain it to get the bumps. Give the agar a chance to cool for around 5 minutes, before immersing your shot glasses or forms. Separation into 12 equivalent parts and if little air pockets are obvious simply prick them with a perfect toothpick. Leave it for 10 minutes to cool somewhat and afterward, refrigerate your jam shots until completely set.

agar and natural product jam shot prep2

Include blend natural products top of each jam as much as you need and include the cherry top for pretty introduction. (I don’t have fruits right now, so I use kiwi cuts rather.) And to shield the natural products from drying out, include a tablespoon organic product coat each glass or brush softly with sugar syrup. Chill your natural product jam shots until prepared to serve. These jam shots will keep going for two or three weeks in your refrigerator.

Here’s our straightforward fixings, Agar Mix Powder, water, Fresh organic product cuts or Fruit Cocktail (very much depleted) and a Kiwi cuts. In the event that you can’t discover an Agar Mix Powder, you can substitute with 2 boxes of “Alsa” clear gelatin, supplant water with milk, a teaspoon of almond concentrate and sugar, to taste. Cook According to bundle bearings.

organic product jam shot treat 2

Note: To make a sugar syrup, consolidate 1 cup of held natural product squeeze or water and 1/2 cup of sugar in a little pan and heat to the point of boiling over medium warmth until sugar are completely broken up. It just takes between 3-5 minutes to make a syrup. Shoot, let it cool to room temperature before utilizing. You can store your sugar syrup in a spotless container with fitted top and keep it in cooler. (Apologies, I neglected to take photograph’s on how I make my sugar syrup.)

organic product jam shot sweet 1

Agar & Fruit Jelly Shots Recipe

Awww… see that would it say it isn’t lovely? You can include as much natural product as you like, you can likewise cover the organic products with a reasonable gelatin on top to seal the leafy foods them from drying out. I’ll be making a greater amount of these jam shots this late spring, so stay tuned for more spending well disposed formula.

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