How to Make and Fried Tikoy | Homemade Tikoy Recipe

Custom made Tikoy Recipe. This formula is one of the most well known and fortunate sustenance to eat during Chinese Festivals! All I know is, Chinese eat Tikoy during Chinese New Year for good karma. Along these lines, we’re going to make a very simple hand crafted unique Tikoy. It’s a 4-fixing formula, all we need is a decent quality, well-processed Glutinous Rice Flour, Brown or White Sugar, Water and Vanilla Extract. Simply blend all fixings until it frames a sticky and smooth player and that is it, off to go for steaming. We just need around 45 minutes of steaming over low medium warmth and it’s finished. It should be chilled, cut, plunge in egg wash and fricasseed in a little oil or spread and its prepared to be serve and appreciate with your family!

Red Pineapple Lanterns are hanging all over the place, however not in my place, coz’ I’m not a Chinese, yet I want to eat browned Tikoy. It was my cherished companion, who acquainted me with this sticky Chinese sweet called “Tikoy”. That time, She likewise let me attempted smaller than usual pineapple tarts and little oranges. She stated, when you eat Tikoy, it brings good karma and reinforce family ties. Beneficial thing, happens to her family, yet it didn’t work for me. In any case, it didn’t make me stop, from enjoying fricasseed Tikoy, (malay mo mag work!… ha – joke lang :P).

Homemade Tikoy Recipe

Makes: 2 medium Llanera or 1 (6×2) round heating container

  • singed tikoy
  • Fixings:
  • Tikoy:
  • ½ cup warm water
  • 5 tbsp. refined sugar
  • 2 cups glutinous rice flour “Malagkit”
  • A spot of salt
  • 1 tsp vanilla concentrate
  • 6-8 tbsp water as required, include 1 tbsp at once
  • 1 tbsp oil, for lubing
  • You additionally Need:
  • 2 medium Llanera
  • 2 (6×8) aluminum foil, use to cover your Llanera
  • A steamer with in any event 1.5 liters of water
  • To Fry you need Eggwash:
  • 1 enormous egg, beaten
  • 1 tbsp. crisp milk
  • ½ tsp. vanilla concentrate
  • ¼ cup dried up coconut, (discretionary)
  • ¼ cup canola oil, for fricasseeing

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How about we set up our Steamer and Llanera: include 1.5 liter of water into your steamer and preheat over low medium warmth. Oil both Llanera with liberal oil, make a point to oil it totally to maintain a strategic distance from Tikoy from staying later on, put in a safe spot.

tikoy 01

How about we make our Tikoy Batter: First, we have to warm ½ cup of water in a microwave. Include sugar, mix until completely broke up and let it chill off to room temperature. In a bowl, consolidate glutinous rice flour and a spot of salt. Pour in the sugar syrup and include vanilla concentrate and blend. Include 1 tablespoon of water each one in turn, until you arrive at a thick hitter. Keep blending until glutinous player ends up smooth and sparkling. (I include around 6 tablespoons of water to accomplish the consistency that I need.) Divide glutinous player into (2) lubed Llaneras, shake the Llanera delicately to straighten the hitter. We additionally need to oil our aluminum foil with oil, to stay away from tikoy from staying.

tikoy 00

We should Steam our Tikoy: Arrange Llaneras in a preheated steamer and spread with a top. We’re going to steam our Tikoy for around 40-45 minutes. Our Tikoy is cooked through when the hitter looks shinny and it doesn’t stick much on the sides of our Llanera. Shoot, take it out from the steamer and let it chill off. Chill for around 8 hours or medium-term. At that point, our tikoy is prepared to dunk in an egg wash and fry!

tikoy 04

We should Fry our Tikoy: First, you have to cut tikoy as indicated by the size or shape you need. Since we shape our Tikoy in Llanera, I cut it into strips. It’s smarter to place oil in your blade, for simple cutting. In a little bowl, blend egg, milk and vanilla concentrate and beat softly. Dunk cut Tikoy in egg wash and fry in hot oil, over low heat. On the off chance that you have dried up coconut, you can coat your tikoy after egg wash, and after that, fry it until gently darker. Channel fricasseed Tikoy in tissue paper and serve.

Homemade Tikoy Recipe

Here’s Our Simple Ingredients: Glutinous Rice Flour otherwise called “Malagkit Rice”, Water, Sugar and Vailla Extract. I’m utilizing, a Peotraco brand, with an excellent, well-processed glutinous powdered, you can purchase this at any driving grocery stores. It is sold by ½ kilo per pack for just P50.00, a ½ kilo is around 4 cups. You can likewise utilize the dark colored or wash sugar, for this recipe.tikoy ingredientsAt first, I showed making Tikoy is so difficult and convoluted in any case, not until I attempted this formula. This formula is close enough to the Tikoy we regularly purchased at the Supermarket Stall, during Chinese New Year. The main contrast that I saw is, locally acquired Tikoy are super shinny and mine isn’t. Perhaps they use or include corn syrup rather than refined sugar?? Or then again perhaps, they brush it with oil subsequent to steaming?! Idk, however I suspect as much 🙂 But I can guarantee you this formula is flawlessly incredible and simple to make.

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